3T Medical Systems (3TM) partners with healthcare institutions to enhance the delivery of care, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs. 3TM is a recognized leader of blood management systems and innovative operating room disposables. Founded by nationally known clinical specialists, 3TM is committed to providing products that are simple, reliable, and safe. 3TM is a proud distributor of ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers. For more information please follow us on LinkedIn and visit us at www.3tmedical.com. Visit Booth 16.
Advance Medical Designs is a recognized leader in the manufacturing and distribution of disposable infection control solutions. Our products are used in all areas of the hospital to enhance infection control protocols and contribute to the elimination of surgical site infections. Visit Booth 42.
circuitGuard™ allows for multiple patient use of an anesthesia breathing circuit. Over 800 facilities have passed inspection by the accreditation agencies - JCAHO, CMS, AAAHC - based on the documentation provided. Save Money, Time, Space with this ecologically beneficial product. Ask us how we contribute to Green and Sustainability Initiatives. Visit Booth 18.
Belimed Inc. is a leading supplier of technology-based cleaning, disinfection, and sterile processing products and services for the medical industry. Through additional services such as planning and design, simulation, validation and support in optimizing overall costs and consumables requirements, Belimed delivers genuine added value to its customers. Visit Booth 6.
BKD Health Care Performance Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to outline areas and actions that can lead to cost control and revenue enhancement. Our team comprises hospital executives, physicians, nurses, service-line leaders and CPAs with the expertise to identify opportunities and develop action plans. Learn more at bkd.com. Visit Booth 32.
Casechek's lean, technology-driven process empowers hospital staff to coordinate (and automate) surgical case needs with their vendors. Our Customer Success Specialists drive vendor compliance through dedicated, long-term partnerships with customer teams. Casechek frees clinicians to operate at the top of their license without worrying about medical device availability. Visit Booth 28.
Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI) is the leader in perioperative credentialing and nursing competency assessment, certifying over 40,000 CNOR, CSSM, and CNS-CP nurses. Learn more at cc-insitute.org.
Founded in 2005, Champion enables hospitals to effectively manage implants throughout their life to improve patient safety, optimize workflows, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. Through deep integration with vendors, facility and system-wide visibility into implants, as well as analytics to drive savings opportunities, customers drive meaningful results. Visit Booth 7.
Cohealo enables health systems to save money by sharing medical equipment between facilities, eliminating rentals, redundant purchases, and unnecessary capital expenses. The Cohealo solution combines a technology platform, equipment utilization analytics, and supporting logistics to automate sharing activities, turning idle equipment capacity into new opportunities for growth. Visit Booth 17.
Copient Health develops and markets solutions that increase case volume and optimize OR block management in hospitals and surgery centers. Visit Booth 9.
Value Based Economics is movement away from traditional revenue cycle management to understanding the underlying pressures on margin and its bidirectional correlation to patient outcomes. As the leading provider of value cycle solutions, Craneware is uniquely qualified to partner with healthcare providers to plan, execute, and monitor the success of emerging initiatives. Visit Booth 13.
Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs) are painful for patients and increase treatment costs for providers. Nearly 25% of HAPIs are acquired intra-operatively during surgeries lasting three hours or more. Dabir systems are innovative solutions that have been clinically demonstrated to provide tissue offloading to promote healthy tissue perfusion, mitigate the effects of deep tissue deformation and skin shear to prevent pressure injuries. Visit Booth 44.
Diversey offers comprehensive solutions for surgery centers that help improve turnover speed, reduce the risk of infection, and cost-effectively improving facility appearance. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of disinfectants, productivity tools, training, and cleaning validation programs, Diversey solutions enable facilities to achieve improved outcomes--www.sdfhc.com. Visit Booth 34.
ExplORer Surgical is a mobile-based, digital guide for every operating room team member, adding value to hospitals by reducing wasted disposables by 95% and set-up time by 10%. As it leads OR team members through surgical procedures, it also rapidly makes orientation programs more effective for orientees and educators, and collects any intraoperative data points your team needs to quantify. Check out our website at explorersurgical.com to learn more! Visit Booth 8.
Getinge is a global provider of innovative solutions for operating rooms, intensive care units, sterilization departments and for life science companies and institutions. Based on our firsthand experience and close partnerships with clinical experts, healthcare professionals and medtech specialists, we are improving the everyday life for people - today and tomorrow. Visit Booth 30.
HCA Healthcare is one of the nation's leading providers of healthcare services, comprising 174 hospitals and 119 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and the United Kingdom. Learn more at HCAHealthcare.com/SurgicalServicesLeaders. Visit Booth 29.
Healthcare IQ, an independent data management and analytics company, provides innovative technology that solves data challenges in healthcare. By connecting and normalizing disparate clinical, financial and operational data, customers reduce complexity and collaborate more effectively to improve patient care and operational efficiencies while reducing costs. Visit Booth 24.
HealthNautica's eORders™ is a comprehensive cloud solution for managing the entire perioperative process without changing your scheduling system. It begins by the physician's office filling out an online surgery or procedure (e.g. GI, Cardiac) fully customized booking form. The completed booking form is electronically submitted to the hospital's scheduling department for approval and scheduling. All edits to the request are tracked and highlighted for easy identification and quick resolution, including a complete audit trail of all the changes made. HealthNautica's eORders™ solution can help your hospital grow surgical volumes, drastically decrease 24-hour cancellation rate, eliminate denials, improve patient safety and increase physician satisfaction. Visit Booth 35.
Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) is developer of the most widely-used, physician preferred medical terminology service for EHR systems. The latest IMO solution provides a continuously maintained library of surgical scheduling procedures attributed to industry standard coding systems. It helps ensure proper searching, scheduling, communicating and preauthorization that can save your organization time and can improve Medicare reimbursement. Files are formatted to load directly into your EHR surgical scheduling dictionary with minimal intervention. Visit Booth 27.
Trellance is a leading data analytics company that delivers exceptional end-to-end, data-driven products, services, and solutions to several industries. Our IronSafe solution allows us to fulfill our mission of transforming data into actionable insights for the healthcare industry by intelligently extracting and aggregating critical information required to improve productivity, profitability, and clinical outcomes. Visit Booth 1.
LeanTaaS uses lean principles and predictive analytics to match the demand for expensive, constrained healthcare resources - operating rooms, infusion chairs, etc. - with supply. More than 50 providers across the nation rely on LeanTaaS's iQueue cloud-based platform to increase access, decrease wait times, and reduce healthcare delivery costs. Visit Booth 20.
LogiQuip, experts in healthcare storage solutions, will display OR storage solutions that increase OR inventory storage capacity by up to 100% or reduce storage footprint by up to 50%. PAR WALL, PAR STORIII with container storage, LogiCell, Hybrid OR storage, case carts and other storage products will be featured. Visit Booth 26.
Lumeon combines expertise, technology and evidence-based pathways, to enable providers to automate and orchestrate their surgical processes. From optimizing pre-surgical readiness to automating processes supporting ERAS, our risk-based pathways reduce unnecessary tests and in-person visits and increase care team capacity by up to 60%. Providers can bring their own best practice or adapt a Lumeon pre-surgical readiness blueprint. Visit Booth 40.
Mediknox works with the most advanced medical devices, and simplify professional medical technology for home use. This Technology is clinically proven and FDA cleared medical devices, and currently carried, used and sold by medical professionals, including those within this field. Visit Booth 41.
Medline strengthens operational performance by uncovering opportunities that help improve efficiency and contain costs in the OR. Our broad range of products outfit surgical suites across the perioperative phases. OR-specific supply chain solutions drive greater efficiency. Anti-infection resources address the entire surgical experience to help lower the risk of SSIs. Visit Booth 23.
MOAB Healthcare is an OR & SPD focused resource company that provides Interim Management Services, Training, Consulting, Outsourcing, & Staffing. To accomplish this, we have established an innovative approach for recruitment and placement of top talent combined with an organic educational and development strategy for those who demonstrate exceptional potential. Visit Booth 38.
Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical solutions company. We design and supply solutions to enhance performance at every point of care - from the hospital to the home. We specialize in wound management, pressure ulcer prevention and surgical solutions with respected brands including Safetac®, Mepitel®, Mepilex, HiBi® and Biogel®. Visit Booth 31.
Novari Health makes and deploys surgical eScheduling solutions that integrate the physician offices with the hospital /ASC's surgical scheduling systems. Completely electronic and paperless bookings to include attached documents (H&P, consent, etc.). Standardize pre-op patient preparation and reduce expensive OR cancellations while improving patient safety and reducing costs. Visit Booth 15.
Owens & Minor is a leading global healthcare services & logistics company dedicated to Connecting the World of Medical Products to the Point of Care(TM) by providing vital supply chain services to providers and manufacturers of healthcare products. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, O&M has revenues of more than $9 billion. Visit Booth 45.
PrefTech is the digital healthcare company that is revolutionizing Preference Card Management (PCM). PrefTech's lead offering, PrefTech OR, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides the decision analytics and workflow governance necessary to correct, maintain, and optimize supply utilization within the perioperative suite. Visit Booth 11.
Provation is a leading provider of clinical productivity software for healthcare professionals, with solutions for intelligent procedure documentation, order set and care plan management, and EHR-embedded clinical documentation templates. Our software helps providers increase operational efficiencies, business profitability and regulatory compliance by improving quality, streamlining workflows and enabling insights. Visit Booth 43.
ReadySet Surgical offers a cloud-based dashboard for effective coordination of surgical vendor inventory. Easy to install and intuitive to use, our software simplifies the vendor inventory process, connecting all members of the surgical team through comprehensive, real-time communications. Visit Booth 39.
Seabright Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare technology firm focused exclusively on automation and cost savings related to bill only implants. Seabright's Bill Only Portal eliminates paper charge sheets and enables our customers to create effective cost containment strategies and reduce the impact of vendor discretion. Visit booth 36.
At SpendMend, we go above and beyond traditional cost recovery delivering spend visibility across an entire organization and specifically for proprietary services . We uncover hidden data and use our industry expertise to find the root cause of Financial Leakage and provide a path to prevention - mending future loss. When medical device warranty tracking and audits use aged transactions, it is challenging to analyze why Financial Leakage occurs and to close the control gaps. The findings are often irrelevant to the current day to day practices. SpendMend also provides insights and tracking capabilities for Medical Device Warranty Credit tracking. Visit Booth 5.
SPM delivers software solutions for managing the demands of the modern sterile processing department. The portfolio of products addresses all aspects of the sterile processing function including surgical asset management, staff training and productivity, sterility assurance, quality compliance, and the broadest array of reporting and decision-support tools available anywhere. As a firm focused exclusively on software solutions, SPM remains the industry leader and will bring ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE to your sterile processing operations. www.mmmicrosystems.com. Visit Booth 21.
Surgical Directions is a leading OR transformation and staffing solutions provider. Our solutions are designed to optimize the performance, resources and capacity within hospital operating rooms and across the care continuum. With our peer-to-peer consulting model, we partner with our clients to deliver sustainable and actionable results. Visit Booth 25.
Upgrade your inventory to INSTRUMENT GRADE DISPOSABLES with SurgiMark's Two-In-One VIA-GUARD® SUCTION SET. This clog-free disposable Yankauer-Andrews Tip/Poole suction set reduces inventory, outperforms reusables, and eliminates reprocessing. Always sterile and always clean to prevent SSI costs and litigation with performance and economy that surgeons and managers love. Visit Booth 37.
Syft® enables enterprise-wide inventory management through a powerful combination of services, automation tools, and real-time data analytics. The comprehensive Syft Synergy® platform eliminates the need for multiple point solutions and facilitates immediate supply savings with a range of capabilities including master data management, inventory services, supply chain management software, analytics, and advanced reporting. Founded in 1999, Syft is used by more than 500 U.S. hospitals and health systems to control costs, processes, and productivity across the entire organization. For more information, visit Syft at www.syftco.com. Visit Booth 10.
Syús is 100% focused on supporting periop leaders in achieving the best clinical and business outcomes. Our Periop Insight tools put the power of patented analytics, actionable visualizations and a unique change management playbook in your hands. AORN selected Periop Insight as its exclusive analytics tool because of how its helped periop leaders across the country achieve improved performance. Visit Booth 33.
Tagnos offers the leading clinical logistics automation solution. Our SaaS platform analyzes data from clinical systems along with RTLS tracking devices to facilitate patient flow through the hospital. Insights produced by AI algorithms help organizations optimize staff and asset utilization, preventing bottlenecks, reducing wait times, improving throughput and patient satisfaction. Visit Booth 12.
Tobra Bone Basket collects drilled autograft bone for use as a bone graft, saving facilities 30-40% in allograft bone substitute (biologic) spend and giving patient "gold standard" autograft bone. Tobra Bone Basket "Bone Collection Made Easy" and "Major Cost Savings." Visit Booth 4.
TrackCore, Inc. is a dynamic and growing company headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. TrackCore began with a vision and commitment to improve patient safety surrounding tissues and implants and now serves more than 650 hospitals, nationwide. TrackCore continues to invest in its products, expanding its portfolio to include new solutions such as TrackCore Interventional and TrackCore SameDay. Visit Booth 14.
The patient is ready, the surgeons ready...but where are the medical vendors and their instrumentation? VenSero eliminates the communication gap between hospitals, doctors and surgical vendor representatives for each surgery which can cause day of surgery delays and/or cancellations. VenSero's automated system and intuitive dashboard provides facility personnel with core case information concerning supplier related details and the mobile app provides real-time case alerts to the specified medical vendors. The platform works in tandem with a facilities policies and procedures regarding case acknowledgement, equipment scheduling, required check-in / check-out times and provides automated alerts and warnings when activities are failing to meet guidelines before they become day of surgery incidents. Visit Booth 19.